What are criteria for success of your startup?

Recently I was thinking of criteria which make startups successful. After considerations there were two struggling points of view deep inside of me left. Here are  these thoughts: Read the rest of this entry »


Align Software Development with Business Goals

It’s a commonly encountered problem when a software development project finishes and a customer doesn’t get what he wanted. Or he gets it but the software is so ugly that no one wants to use it. There are several causes of it. Today I want to focus on one of them, I think, the most serious. The problem is that some project teams do not align software design with business goals of the customer. Developing software for them is just a set of tasks and engineering problems to solve. But they forget that the final system should serve specific customer’s goals and not reaching them means not meeting customer’s expectations as well as failing the entire project.
To avoid such situations here are several tips both for developers and for customers.